Dr. Natalie Benjamin - Physiotherapist

I am a dedicated health professional that continues to improve skills through learning while teaching undergraduate students. I have a passion forneurological rehabilitation. I enjoy research and have several publications international and nationally. I have represented South Africa at international conferences. I currently lecture at WITS University teaching undergraduate paediatrics and neurology, with a passion for what I do, I ensure that the students are equipped with the most up to date evidence for management of their patients. Clinically, I successfully rehabilitated many clients using my clinical expertise and continue to develop professionally by attending CPD courses regularly. I have a passion for paediatric and neurological rehabilitation. I have 19 years’ experience, and have worked as a Physiotherapist at Felicitas and Muriel Brand Schools. I qualified at the University of Cape Town, Cape Town (BSc Physiotherapy). I completed my MSc degree in 2010 focusing on ‘Endurance in children with Developmental coordination disorder’. I completed my PhD degree in 2018, my research ‘Paediatric development in children living with HIV’, won the National Research Foundation award for best final year PhD student I have completed neurodevelopmental therapy courses for adult and paediatrics (NDT), several courses on the management of the minimally involved child and I am currently completing my SAMLA certification for medico legal assessment and reporting.
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