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Our Early Childhood Intervention Centre offers a holistic integrated approach to assisting children with developmental difficulties. While conventional therapy allows children to obtain specialized therapy, the Centre allows for better integration of therapy modules providing a better overview of the child in his/her natural environment. Our intervention allows for communication with parents, treating therapists and teachers making for effective and comprehensive treatment.

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Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy for me resonates through helping little hands achieve big<br /> things. I have a vested focus in pediatric clients. I believe that, through providing<br /> intervention for the youth to reach their individual maximal capacity, it fosters<br /> independent adults who achieve an optimal quality of life in activities they find<br /> meaningful.
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Speech Therapist

The main aim of Speech Therapy is to provide effective therapeutic intervention in order to enhance communication abilities. Our therapists help infants, toddlers, school-age children, adolescents and adults with speech, language, communication and voicing disorders. We also offer therapy to patients with cognitive disorders and dysphagia treatment.
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Physiotherapy aims to assist children with movement and coordination difficulties. We also assist with postural and respiratory difficulties. We offer exercise programs for weight loss and health issues.
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Educational Psychologist

Educational Psychology is skilled in diagnosis, psychotherapy (and play therapy), counselling, assessment and able to facilitate support and interventions. These interventions include social, emotional, developmental, behavioral, learning and academic functioning of children, adolescents and adults. We help with career development of children, young people and adults. The Educational Psychologist’s role is thus to promote psychological well-being, learning and development across the life span.
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A Dietician is the corner stone when starting any therapy. Nutrition is the building block to ensuring healthy bones, muscles and mind! With the correct nutrition in place, other therapies started are much more successful and effective. A Dietician takes all the scientific knowledge and translates that into a practical, balanced eating plan.
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