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Tactile Bundle


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Tactile stimulation offers sensory stimulation through receptors in the hands and fingers. These stimuli provide added input to the brain, allowing for increased communication by brain cells and the formation of new neural pathways

The Bundle consists of the following:

1. Kinetic Sand (X1) – The moldable sand you can’t put down! This magically, mesmerising sand sticks to itself and not to you! Kinetic Sand never dries out, cleans up easily, brings the fun of sand indoors, and allows you create again and again! The Kinetic Sand Single Container includes 5oz (141g) of Kinetic Sand.

2. Kimeleka Slime (X1) – Can you handle the goo-iness!KIMELEKA SLIME does not stain clothes, thus ensuring the fun of children and the tranquility of parents

3. Play Doh Animals (X1) – This mini play dough set consists of 3 small tubs of play dough, 1 mini rolling pin and animal-shape cutters

4. Noise Putty OR Magnetic Putty

Explore NOISE Putty While Listening Out For Various ‘Pops’ And ‘Clicks’

If you think regular silly putty is a gooey ball of fun, you will love magnetic putty. Magnetic putty becomes magnetic when iron oxide particles are added to silly putty. … The putty slowly sucks magnets in until they reach the strongest point of the magnetic field

Dimensions 35 × 25 × 1 cm

Noise Putty, Magnetic Putty


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